Facebook Changes the Game…Again

The past week or so has been huge in regard to changes in the way Facebook displays information. The feed underwent a major overhaul, as did individual profiles. The changes will be rolled out to everyone in the next few weeks, so get ready!
A summary of the News Feed changes:

  • Facebook revamped its “Friend List” feature to include smart lists. Smart lists sort your friends into lists automatically based on their profile information. For example, people who have listed the same place of employment as you will be sorted into a coworkers list, people you’ve listed as your family in your profile will be added to the Family list, and so on. By clicking on each list, you can see posts from just coworkers, family, etc.
  • The News Feed has been overhauled to include Top Stories (denoted by a blue triangle in the upper-left corner of the post), which are the most popular posts since you last logged in.
  • Recent Stories is found below Top Stories, and hasn’t changed much aside from its new location.
  • A ticker has been added in the upper right, which streams live the actions of your friends.
  • The new News Feed layout also makes it easier to hide updates you don’t want to see.

Overall, these changes make it easier to stay in touch and interact with your friends and family. Sharing is easier, and controlling who sees what is a breeze. Check out the video below for a more comprehensive overview.

A summary of the Profile changes:

  • Facebook has completely thrown out profiles as we know them now and have replaced them with what they’re calling the “Timeline.”
  • The Timeline is a visual representation of the important events in your life. Births, graduations, relationships, and other milestones are marked and include photos, videos, posts, etc.
  • The Cover is a large picture at the top of your profile. Your traditional profile picture stays, but takes the back seat to this new Cover. You can choose which photos go in the cover.

Overall, the new Timeline is the most significant change to Facebook in years. The new visual chronology of your life will take a few days to set up once your profile is converted, but once you’ve reviewed and added milestones, it’ll transform your profile into a living scrapbook, documenting your life as it unfolds (learn more about the new Timeline and how to use it). Check out the video below for an impressive overview.

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