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How to Secure Your Facebook Account

You’ve created your Facebook account. You update your Facebook page regularly with some great content. But what about security? Facebook has decent security built-in, but there are quite a few steps you can take to ensure your account is as secure as possible. In this post by the web security gurus over at ESet, author Cameron Camp covers the full breadth of Facebook privacy settings, including Facebook check-ins, third-party applications, login nuances and devices. He also shows users how to best secure their profile to avoid being hacked. Some of his suggestions make use of little-known security features. Read the full article »


10 Ways Non-Profits Can Benefit From Social Media

Are you looking for ways to use social media to advance your cause?

Non-profits have many of the same opportunities in social media as for-profit businesses—it’s just a matter of altering the strategy.

Non-profits can focus their social efforts to drive awareness, share their story, cultivate donor relationships and open up two-way communication with advocates in ways never before possible.

Here are ten tips that virtually any non-profit can easily take advantage of at little or no cost. These tactics can supplement many marketing efforts already in place and in some cases expand those efforts exponentially by reaching an entirely new audience with a creative and unique approach. Read the full article »

How to Measure Your Facebook Page’s Success

You have created a Facebook Fan Page. Now what? I bet these questions come to mind: “Is my page a success?” “Who is engaging with us?” “Is our engagement effective?” “Does our content strategy work?”

The Facebook Insights dashboard will help you answer some of these questions. As defined by Facebook, “Insights provides Facebook Page owners … with metrics around their content. By understanding and analyzing trends within user growth and demographics, consumption of content, and creation of content, Page owners … are better equipped to improve their business with Facebook.” Read the rest of this entry

How well do you know your audience?

Do you know who your audience is? Or what they’re doing right now? I’m not talking about creeping on your donors, I’m talking about knowing the media consumption habits of your audience (possible and existing donors and volunteers, as well as clients).

If you know who your ideal prospect is and you know their age, you should also be aware of the vehicles they use to consume media (tv, music, newspapers, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) and at what times. Imagine that your message has been sent through the wrong channels or at the wrong times; all your hard work and marketing dollars are essentially going to waste.

The following infographic illustrates how different generations consume different types of media content at different times of the day. Take a look and see how your marketing efforts stack up. Are you reaching your target crowd? How can you tweak your efforts to maximize exposure and draw in new donors and volunteers?

Chances are, you’ll be surprised to see just how many folks (old and young alike) are online, and hopefully you’ll begin to understand how important it is to connect with your audience with the help of a stellar online presence and a focused social media presence.

Media Consumption Habits

Tech Rewind – October 17-21

Making Donations Easier
If you’ve been hesitant to give your website a facelift, this article might just be the motivation to take the plunge. With detailed breakdowns of the best non-profit donation processes (and how to make them work for you), you’ll see just how much room there is for improvement, and you’ll have the knowledge to start the conversation within your organization. Learn more »

5 Killer Tips to Get You Rockin’ on Twitter
Do you have a Twitter profile but can’t seem to get traction? Maybe you’ve been curious, created your profile but don’t know how to navigate it. Twitter is all about conversations and there are gazillions happening right now.  A very fruitful opportunity lies waiting for your organization on Twitter. Learn more »

How To Build A Facebook Landing Page With iFrames
I know what you’re thinking. “What on earth are iFrames?!” Well, the good news is, this post explains what they are and how to use them, with step-by-step instructions (with pictures) that walk you through the entire process of building a stellar Facebook landing page. Learn more »

Is Your Website Under-Performing?

The face of fundraising is changing; with the number of households getting online increasing steadily comes a marked change in people’s giving habits. The average online gift in 2010 was $91.94, up drastically from $67.47 in 2008. And the same goes for volunteer recruitment; non-profit influence and advocacy calls-to-action grew roughly 30% in the past two years. All of this begs the question, “Is your website under-performing?”

Read the rest of this entry

Deleting a Post from Your Facebook Wall

So, you’ve been updating your Facebook page regularly, painstakingly perfecting each status update. And then, BAM! A spammer posts some ugly thing advertising a “free” iPad or some shady Canadian Pharmacy. Have no fear, friend, because today we’re going to learn how to delete a post from your Facebook Wall. Read the rest of this entry

9 Facebook Marketing Strategies to Build Super Fans

Are you looking to attract high-quality and loyal fans to your Facebook page? Without quality fans, your Facebook marketing efforts can fizzle out quickly. So how do you move a potential fan all the way up the ranks to super fan? For starters, it takes time. Facebook success rarely happens overnight and unless you are a huge brand like Zappos or Target, patience, persistence, and hustle are all required to create a successful Facebook page. There are also specific actions you can take to create a thriving Facebook page full of Super Fans. The following nine core strategies will help you streamline your Facebook activity and turn your Facebook page into a success story. Read the full “Social Media Examiner” article»

Tech Rewind – October 3-7

How effective is your homepage?
Do you know how important your homepage is? Well, it’s usually the main point-of-entry to the site; You only have a split second to grab your visitors and make them stay a few more seconds, who knows, maybe even a few minutes. Sites that have a negative first impact most likely never have a second chance.  Learn more»

5 Email Marketing Tips for More Successful Campaigns
With the world of social media dominating communications, what’s happening to email? There is no doubt both the use and success of email has been in decline over recent years. What this means to marketing professionals is that of you want your email campaigns to succeed, then they need to be exceptional. Learn more»

How to Market Your Brand on YouTube
Many organizations have been wondering how they can take advantage of video marketing to market their brands. The fact is, millions of people are watching videos each and every day, and YouTube has provided a powerful tool that organizations can use to get their products and service in front of viewers by using video as one of their marketing strategies. Learn more»