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Updating Your Organization’s Facebook Page

Now that you’ve learned what a Facebook Page is and how to make one for your organization, it’s time to engage your audience! Let’s get posting! Read the rest of this entry


Facebook Changes the Game…Again

The past week or so has been huge in regard to changes in the way Facebook displays information. The feed underwent a major overhaul, as did individual profiles. The changes will be rolled out to everyone in the next few weeks, so get ready! Read the rest of this entry

Using Twitter Local Search

One of the best ways to find local Twitter users is simply to search for them on Twitter Search. The advanced page of Twitter’s search engine has an option to search “Near this place.” You can simply enter your town and get a real-time stream of all the people tweeting from your location or near it. The results are based on the location field of people’s Twitter bios, which due to geo-location for people tweeting from their phones can be very accurate. Read the rest of this entry

Tech Rewind – September 12-16

Edit Your Videos Online with YouTube
YouTube is rolling out the new feature in the form of a simple “Edit Video” button on your My Videos page. Learn more»

Staying safe while using Facebook on mobile phones
Configuring your Facebook settings from a laptop is confusing enough, but try monitoring your Facebook privacy and security setting on a mobile phone. It’s even more of a mess. Learn more»

5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Efforts Aren’t Working
You’ve set up your social media platforms. The picture you’ve used in your bio is one that even your mother would be proud of. And you’re sending out regular tweets and posts. But, despite all of your efforts – you feel like you’re talking to an empty room as the response you’re receiving from your ‘tribe’ is practically zilch. Learn more»

Facebook “Lists” And The New “Subscribe” Button Explained
Lots of stuff has been happening on the Facebook sphere this week, including two pretty significant new features. Learn more»

Featured: Menomonie Area Bread for the World

When Julie and David McNaughton first reached out to me for help with their Facebook Page, I was excited. Really excited. It was my first week here in Menomonie, and I was still using my phone’s GPS to get me to the office every morning. We scheduled a one-on-one training for the following week, and when the time came, Julie and David warmly welcomed me into their home, their eagerness to learn evident. They told me of their deep involvement in the community and how much they were enjoying retirement, while I told of my past experiences with technology and social media. Introductions aside, we got to work. Huddled around their home computer, we laughed and they learned, each question leading to another, and after about an hour of instruction and a page full of notes, we parted ways. I went back to my work, and they to theirs. A few days later, I went to the Menomonie Area Bread for the World’s Facebook page, and what I saw brought me to the brink of tears: a new post from Friday at 8:57am. SUCCESS! In about an hour, this retired couple learned the basics of Facebook and put their new knowledge to use, spreading the word and making a name for their organization. Congratulations to Julie and David McNaughton for all your hard work and continued dedication to your community! Keep up the good work!

P.S. Be sure to “Like” the Menomonie Area Bread for the World Facebook page!

Facebook Pages 101

Facebook Pages 101: What the Heck is a Facebook Page?!

According to Facebook,  “a Facebook Page gives a voice to any public figure or organization to join the conversation with their audience on Facebook.” Wait, what? Let’s clarify. Facebook Pages allow official organizations (like your non-profit) to engage with their customers (and potential customers, and volunteers, and donors) on Facebook; pages allow your non-profit to share updates, photos, stories, etc., with your volunteers, donors, and supporters. A Facebook Page is different than a personal Facebook profile; Facebook Pages are for businesses, non-profits, bands, and other organizations, whereas profiles are for individual people. Pages are also different from groups (find out the specifics here).

Read the rest of this entry

Tech Rewind – September 5-9

6 Design Tips That Will Have Your Audience Licking Their Screens

What if your blog visitors take one look at your well-written words and move right along because your page looks bland, boring, and amateurish? Then this post is for you!

Good Intentions or Not, Spam IS Spam Spam

Find out what it is (no, I’m not talking about that funny-smelling canned meat) and how to avoid it in your social media marketing campaigns.

The Power of Pictures

People donate their time and money to non-profits because it makes them feel good. So give your donors and volunteers more of what they want! Take pictures at your organization’s next event and upload them to your organization’s Facebook page as your event day unfolds. Get in the habit of documenting your organization’s meetings and events as a live stream, as things happen. Capture the smiles and the compassion and share that warm-and-fuzzy-goodness with the world. Read the rest of this entry