Is Your Website Under-Performing?

The face of fundraising is changing; with the number of households getting online increasing steadily comes a marked change in people’s giving habits. The average online gift in 2010 was $91.94, up drastically from $67.47 in 2008. And the same goes for volunteer recruitment; non-profit influence and advocacy calls-to-action grew roughly 30% in the past two years. All of this begs the question, “Is your website under-performing?”

Your website is your strongest asset in the online world. It acts as a hub for your email marketing and social media campaigns — and if you aren’t on social media yet, having a strong website is even more important! If your non-profit’s website isn’t up to the challenge, you may be missing out on vital donations or may be ignoring a large, untapped volunteer base.

Be sure your non-profit’s website is performing. Schedule a consultation today! Call Tyler at 715-232-1328 or email him at to see how, together, we can increase your online donations and grow your volunteer base.

Online Giving


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