Tech Rewind – September 12-16

Edit Your Videos Online with YouTube
YouTube is rolling out the new feature in the form of a simple “Edit Video” button on your My Videos page. Learn more»

Staying safe while using Facebook on mobile phones
Configuring your Facebook settings from a laptop is confusing enough, but try monitoring your Facebook privacy and security setting on a mobile phone. It’s even more of a mess. Learn more»

5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Efforts Aren’t Working
You’ve set up your social media platforms. The picture you’ve used in your bio is one that even your mother would be proud of. And you’re sending out regular tweets and posts. But, despite all of your efforts – you feel like you’re talking to an empty room as the response you’re receiving from your ‘tribe’ is practically zilch. Learn more»

Facebook “Lists” And The New “Subscribe” Button Explained
Lots of stuff has been happening on the Facebook sphere this week, including two pretty significant new features. Learn more»

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