Featured: Menomonie Area Bread for the World

When Julie and David McNaughton first reached out to me for help with their Facebook Page, I was excited. Really excited. It was my first week here in Menomonie, and I was still using my phone’s GPS to get me to the office every morning. We scheduled a one-on-one training for the following week, and when the time came, Julie and David warmly welcomed me into their home, their eagerness to learn evident. They told me of their deep involvement in the community and how much they were enjoying retirement, while I told of my past experiences with technology and social media. Introductions aside, we got to work. Huddled around their home computer, we laughed and they learned, each question leading to another, and after about an hour of instruction and a page full of notes, we parted ways. I went back to my work, and they to theirs. A few days later, I went to the Menomonie Area Bread for the World’s Facebook page, and what I saw brought me to the brink of tears: a new post from Friday at 8:57am. SUCCESS! In about an hour, this retired couple learned the basics of Facebook and put their new knowledge to use, spreading the word and making a name for their organization. Congratulations to Julie and David McNaughton for all your hard work and continued dedication to your community! Keep up the good work!

P.S. Be sure to “Like” the Menomonie Area Bread for the World Facebook page!


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