Facebook Pages 101

Facebook Pages 101: What the Heck is a Facebook Page?!

According to Facebook,  “a Facebook Page gives a voice to any public figure or organization to join the conversation with their audience on Facebook.” Wait, what? Let’s clarify. Facebook Pages allow official organizations (like your non-profit) to engage with their customers (and potential customers, and volunteers, and donors) on Facebook; pages allow your non-profit to share updates, photos, stories, etc., with your volunteers, donors, and supporters. A Facebook Page is different than a personal Facebook profile; Facebook Pages are for businesses, non-profits, bands, and other organizations, whereas profiles are for individual people. Pages are also different from groups (find out the specifics here).

Why Your Organization Needs an Active Facebook Page

If your organization doesn’t already have a Facebook Page, MAKE ONE (I’ll show you how in a bit)! If your organization doesn’t update it regularly, UPDATE IT! (Pro Tip: The Power of Pictures.) I know, I know. It’s a lot to ask, taking time out of your already crazy busy day to play on the internet. But it’s important. Really important. Here are some Facebook facts to help persuade you:

  1. More than 53 million active users
  2. An average of 250,000 new users join every day
  3. About 34% of users work as professionals, sales, executives, educators or are in technical careers
  4. The fastest growing demographic on Facebook consists of users 25 and older.

That’s 53 million reasons (and counting) why your non-profit needs to be on Facebook. And if those numbers weren’t enough to impress you, here’s a cool video that’s sure to do the trick:

Believe me now? Good. So let’s make some Facebook magic.

How-To: Creating a Facebook Page for Your Organization

Be prepared to be amazed, because we’re going to create a Facebook page in eight easy steps.

  1. Sign in to Facebook. If you don’t have a personal account yet, sign up for one here.
  2. Visit this URL to get started:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php
  3. Click the box titled “Company, Organization, or Institution.”
    Select Company, Organization, or Institution
  4. Choose the “Non-Profit Organization” category and type the name of your non-profit (e.g. United Way of Dunn County). Be sure to check the box titled, “I agree…”. Then click “Get Started.”
    Select Non-Profit Organization and type your non-profit's name
  5. Add a profile picture by clicking “Upload an Image from your computer.” Then click “Choose” and find the picture you’d like to add. Once your photo is uploaded, click “Continue.”
    Note: The profile picture should be your organization’s logo, as it’ll be the image that appears next to all of your page’s posts and stuff. Don’t worry about resizing it or anything; Facebook will take care of all the hard work for you.
    Click Upload a PhotoChoose a Photo from your computerClick Continue
  6. Now you can start adding fans to your organization’s Facebook page. (This step is optional, but very important for building a fan base.) Fans are people who “like” your page. They support you and the work your organization is doing. The more likes your page has, the more people are going to see and interact with your posts, pictures, etc. And the more people who you can engage, the better. Just think of all the potential volunteers and donors! So invite away! When you’re done inviting people to like your page, click “Continue.”
    Invite fans to like your page
  7. Add your organization’s website address (e.g. https://techtidbitsvista.wordpress.com) and a brief summary of what your organization is all about. This could be a mission statement or a blurb from the “About Us” page on your website.  If your organization doesn’t have a website, CALL ME, and then click “No Website.”  When you’re ready to move on, click “Continue.”
    Add your organization's website and a brief summary of what you're all about
  8. Congratulations! You’ve successfully made an official Facebook page for your non-profit organization! To get started posting, click “Post Update.”
    Make your first post

Become a Facebook pro: watch for future how-tos, tips and tricks, and if you haven’t already, subscribe to the Tech Tidbits eNewsletter!


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