The Power of Pictures

People donate their time and money to non-profits because it makes them feel good. So give your donors and volunteers more of what they want! Take pictures at your organization’s next event and upload them to your organization’s Facebook page as your event day unfolds. Get in the habit of documenting your organization’s meetings and events as a live stream, as things happen. Capture the smiles and the compassion and share that warm-and-fuzzy-goodness with the world.It’ll help the folks who couldn’t make it feel as though they were there, and who knows, your live event Facebook stream might even bring in a few stragglers (seeing friends having fun volunteering serves as great peer pressure and is a great way to recruit more volunteers!). And don’t forget about donors (and potential donors). Actually being able to see all the positive change an active organization makes in a community is a powerful thing. Tap into it! Let the love and good times roll…right onto Facebook! Oh, and don’t forget to tag folks in the pictures! Your pictures (and your organization’s Facebook page) will get more attention and will encourage folks to share their memories of the day.

If you don’t have an iPhone or other smartphone, take pictures with a digital camera and upload them to your organization’s Facebook page right after the event. And if your organization isn’t on Facebook yet, CALL ME! I’ll get you all set up and teach you the basics in casual, one-on-one session.

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