Tips for Tech Success

Dear Reader,

As the new AmeriCorps VISTA Coordinator for the Bridging the Tech Divide project here at UW-Stout, I would like to officially say, “Hello!” While Liz and I have been busy transitioning, you’ve probably been working hard to foster change and equity in this beautiful community, patiently awaiting the exciting new opportunities for growth and development that are underway here at “The Bank” office.

Now, you’re probably wondering what kind of magical tricks I have up my sleeves. Well, you’re looking at the first one!

An eNewsletter (a newsletter delivered electronically, usually through email), dubbed “Tech Tidbits,” will be delivered to your inbox every other Monday (Click here to subscribe). It will be comprised of four sections: a featured article with a different subject each issue; “Ask the Expert!”, a reader-submitted tech question that gets answered by me and featured in Tech Tidbits; “SM Insider,” an article featuring Social Media tips and tricks; and “Tech Rewind,” a selection of interesting and relevant links to other technology blogs or websites.

Note: You’ll notice throughout the blog that I have bolded certain terms, mostly tech jargon, next to which I give an informal definition. Since Tech Tidbits reaches such a wide range of readers, all at different ability levels, I’ll do my best to keep things as accessible to everyone as I can. Highlighting key words like this is a great way to make sure everyone learns some cool geek-speak (read tech jargon).

To accompany the new Tech Tidbits eNewsletter, I have developed a corresponding blog (a blend of the terms web+log, it’s an interactive website that enables visitors to read and comment on articles and other media focusing on a particular subject). Here you’ll find all the articles from each Tech Tidbits eNewsletter, as well as loads of other helpful mini-tutorials and other resources. Most exciting of all is the “Ask the Expert!” link at the top of the blog. If you ever find yourself wondering, “How do I insert and rotate an image in Microsoft Word again?”, or something similar, here is the place to ask! Fill out the “Ask the Expert!” form, and I’ll get back to you in a jiffy with a quick and easily understandable mini-tutorial. Who knows, I might even stop over and show you in person! Best of all, I’ll pick a reader-submitted question and feature it under the “Ask the Expert!” article in each eNewsletter. (Don’t worry, it’ll be anonymous!)

In addition to the Tech Tidbits eNewsletter and blog, I would like to formally make myself available to you and your organizations; if you would like to schedule a one-on-one tutorial, a training workshop, or just chat, I can be reached at or at 715-232-1328.

I’m excited to meet with each of you over the coming weeks. I hope that you’ll take advantage of the learning opportunities offered by the Tech Tidbits eNewsletter and blog, as well as the Tech Lunches and myriad other opportunities that will present themselves over the next year. As always, I value your opinions and feedback, so please make your voice heard!

And last but not least, follow me on Twitter at @UWStoutVISTAs and on Facebook to see which trick I’ll pull out of my sleeve next!

I look forward to a great year of service and collaboration!


Tyler J. Schroeder

AmeriCorps VISTA Coordinator
Bridging the Tech Divide
University of Wisconsin-Stout

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